You can now book contract for just $15

You can now book a contract for just $15.

Previously, the minimum amount required to book a contract was $100, which was affordable to only a few of our members.

Hence, we have reduced the ticket size to a book contract, so everybody can book a contract and start earning BBB coins daily.

Utilise this opportunity to the fullest and book your contract now.


Important : Stopping withdrawals for negative USD balances

Effective immediately, we are stopping the withdrawal of BBB coins for the members, who are holding a contract and earning BBB coins daily because of that contract but carrying a negative USD balance.

Since the launch of contracts on 13th Aug 2022, the concept of the node is deprecated. Accordingly, all node's earnings credited to your account after 13th Aug 2022 (not before) were reversed back. Chances are you would have already used these earnings to book a contract, hence your account would reflect a negative USD balance after these reversals.

Logically, you have to sell your daily earned BBB coins to set off the negative USD balance first, which you have over withdrawn to book the contract in the first place.


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